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Cloud Enablement


Cloud technology is a promising technology for companies to realize the transformative value in digitization, but it can be challenging to understand the cloud from an application standpoint. First, there are so many cloud vendors with different offerings from infrastructure- to platform- to software-as-a-service.

Different levels of integration may be required at infrastructure, platform, and application levels. Ultimately, we are integrating business functions with internal and external businesses, or directly with individual customers. True value comes when the stakeholders (users, employees, customers, and suppliers) are empowered and experience the benefits of the new technology

Hamiltonian's products and services integrate on-premise and cloud applications seamlessly and in real-time through various industry-standard APIs. With proper orchestration, users can retrieve and push data between different platforms and applications with ease.  The workflows offer automated and manual tasks that can be orchestrated increasing efficiency and agility of transactional flows while reducing the transaction cost.


Hamiltonian is a digital transformation leader with products that integrate cloud applications running in AWS, Microsoft, Oracle and Google cloud platforms with legacy Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Applications Cloud.  Using REST and SOAP web services, and other traditional data transfer options through files, customers can ensure that their applications work as desired. Hamiltonian’s services include infrastructure technology integration between these platforms.

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