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Migrate Application Data

Prepare Data for Migration

Easily review, correct, and prepare application data to match target system requirements

Migrate Data to the Cloud

Load data through our easy-to-use interface, with built-in error resolution and governance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Integrate data between ERPs, automate data conversion to preferred formatting, accelerate merger timelines

Integrate 3rd Party Applications

Utilize Kasei's integrability as a bi-directional data bridge between applications


There are many situations that arise in businesses which present unique data movement and conversion challenges. For example, when organizations: 

  • Implement new Oracle EBS modules (ex: Enterprise Asset Management)

  • Undergo a Merger or Acquisition (M&A)

  • Integrate Oracle SCM Cloud or Financial Cloud

  • Maintain applications across plants or businesses that don't communicate or transfer data properly

The data migration/integration process can be managed by business users in a Kãsei workflow. Kãsei has built-in adapters to efficiently migrate data to these target systems. With Kãsei, the project timeline for data conversion is reduced from months to weeks. Best of all, data can be cleansed and enriched in the process, ensuring completeness and accuracy.


Kãsei prepares quality data:

  • Mass ingestion of all data in various file formats Based Data Import (FBDI)

  • Custom templates for managing different data types

  • Cleanse, standardize, validate and enrich data

  • Data merge and de-duplication

  • Collaborative workflows

  • Data Steward views for review and approval

  • Browse, search on all available data

  • Monitor progress of data preparation and communicate to stakeholders

  • Prepare data for File - Based Data Import (FBDI)


Kãsei completes data loads in target systems:

  • Using native REST and SOAP API features, load and update data in the target systems

  • Using FBDI, mass upload data in Oracle Applications Cloud

  • Using interfaces and concurrent programs, upload mass data in Oracle EBS


Kãsei has complete integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Applications Cloud using REST and SOAP web services. Kãsei uses Oracle Public APIs, interface tables, FBDI and concurrent programs to manage bi-directional data processing.

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