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Multidomain Master Data 


Integrate, manage, and share master data across business systems and processes.


Eliminate siloed data by integrating with all applications and data sources


Automate tedious manual processes, classify data types, and identify potential duplicates


Collaborate across teams with fully configurable governance flows and built-in access control


Gain visibility into data processes and operationalize clean data for Machine Learning

What Clients Say

"Data operations that used to take us weeks to complete, we get done in an afternoon using Kasei"

Collect Your Data

Kasei seamlessly integrates with a patchwork of ERPs, third-party and homegrown applications to ensure synchronization and eliminate siloed data. Bridging the data gap between critical business applications saves time and increases the value of those applications.


Consolidate Your Data

Profile, cross-reference, and validate data with built-in automation. Structure data according to company standards, industry standards (ISO 8000), and target system requirements. Utilize our deduplication and data validation engines to resolve discrepancies centrally.

Manage Your Data

Kasei's governance workflows are built to customize to your exact business and regulatory needs. By displaying all relevant contextual data, validating changes, and notifying users of pending tasks, Kasei makes building quality data easy. Gain visibility into data processes, easily manage tasks across teams, and eliminate the need for offline spreadsheets.

Share Your Data

Once data is validated for quality and approved for load, Kasei ensures all target systems are updated and synchronized. Whether a one-time migration or continuously updating records, Kasei makes the data loading process easy and fast. With confidence in data quality and completeness, businesses are empowered to take advantage of accurate business analytics and leverage artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Learn from our experts

Access webinars, whitepapers, and product literature to learn more about Kasei's transformative results

Explore Select Use Cases

Item and Sourcing Data Automation

Supplier Data Maintenance

Customer Data Maintenance

Application Data Conversion & Migration

Asset Data Hub

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