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Data is the currency of the digital age. We have built a state-of-the-art data lifecycle management platform that lets organizations take control of their data and build a reliable data infrastructure to inform decision-making.

Kãsei is a light-weight data integration platform providing advanced, AI-assisted Data Governance capabilities. Kãsei seamlessly integrates with all enterprise software – Enterprise Applications (including Oracle, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and SAP), Master Data Management (MDM), Analytics and Cloud Applications. Kãsei uses industry-approved standard communication methods to securely integrate with other systems. The platform allows for workflow-based policies, providing appropriate access to every user-level for data management and enabling business users to find data with all the contextual dimensions.

With the ability to connect to both structured and unstructured data, Kãsei workflows create the data discipline every organization needs and wants. This allows reliable and high-quality data to move efficiently across an organization and improve the speed and confidence of decision making.

Use Cases

Item and Sourcing Data Automation

Supplier Data Maintenance

Customer Data Maintenance

Application Data Conversion & Migration

Asset Data Hub

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