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Supplier Data Maintenance

Supplier data creation and maintenance can require several operating units and input from multiple actors. Oracle has multiple levels of data elements for these entities. In many businesses, suppliers are maintained in multiple systems, often from mergers, acquisitions, or separation of business groups. A thorough process is required across various teams to ensure that data is correctly synchronized between different systems and reconciled with the main ERP.


Kãsei manages the process through configurable, user-defined workflows, and seamlessly synchronizes source and target systems with required process automation.






Kãsei provides the Easy Button and extends Oracle’s native functionality.


Kãsei prepares supplier data:

  • Mass on-boarding input data in various file formats

  • Clean, standardize, validate and enrich supplier data

  • Data merge and de-duplication

  • Collaborative workflows

  • Data Steward view for review and approval

  • Browse, search on all available data

  • Monitor progress of data preparation and communicate to stakeholders

  • Prepare data for File-Based Data Import (FBDI)


Kãsei completes supplier setup:  

  • Supplier Creation and Updates

  • Supplier Sites

  • Supplier Contacts

  • Other Supplier Attributes (business classification, tax details etc.)


Kãsei works as a supplier hub (legacy, Oracle EBS and Oracle Applications Cloud)

  • Synchronizes supplier master data across all systems where supplier data is maintained

  • Synchronizes transactional data across all systems


Kãsei has seamless integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Applications Cloud using REST and SOAP web services. Kãsei uses Oracle Public APIs, interface tables, FBDI and concurrent programs to manage bi-directional data processing.




Supplier Self Service

Feature Spotlight

Some businesses choose to offer their suppliers the ability to submit information changes or change requests through a self-service platform. Kãsei maintains data security while enabling better supplier relationships and up-to-date supplier data

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