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Item and Sourcing Data Automation


Regular, day-to-day operational data involving inventory items move between Engineering, Regulatory, Planning, Master Data, and Sourcing teams. From the time items (direct and indirect) are created in the system until they are assigned in Blanket Purchase Agreements with approved supplier names, multiple crucial steps are required. Without a tool to help manage this process, it is often cumbersome for enterprise customers, requiring multiple actors in the business and IT teams.


Kãsei streamlines the workflow, seamlessly integrates source and target systems, and automates the process efficiently to reduce the wait-time between teams.

Kãsei extends Oracle’s native functionality to make work easier.


Kãsei prepares item data:

  • Mass on-boarding input data in various file formats

  • Item Taxonomy

  • Extensible Attributes

  • Connect different document types and content to items

  • Collaborative Workflows

  • Date Steward views for review and approval

  • Browse, search on all available data

  • Monitor progress of data preparation and communicate to stakeholders

  • Validate data with built-in and customizable logic

  • Prepare data for File-Based Data Import (FBDI)


Kãsei completes item setup:

  • Item Categories Assignment

  • Item Catalogs

  • Item Cross-references including GSDN

  • Manufacturer Part Assignment

  • On-Hand Quantities


Kãsei produces quality sourcing documents:

  • Blanket Purchase Agreements

  • Sourcing Rules

  • Sourcing Rule Assignments

  • Approved Supplier List


Kãsei has complete integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Applications Cloud using REST and SOAP web services. Kãsei uses Oracle Public APIs, interface tables, FBDI and concurrent programs to manage bi-directional data processing.

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