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Data Lifecycle Management


At Hamiltonian Systems, we understand that, in the age of Digital Transformations, organizations must become data-driven. If businesses do not understand their data and how to use it effectively, they can lose their competitive edge. While most executives know the importance of data-driven decision making, lack of access to reliable and meaningful data is often the biggest barrier. In most cases, organizational data, from spreadsheets to legacy backups, lack the structure and control required to be considered trustworthy.

Through our many years of working with enterprises and their applications environments, we have developed the comprehensive approach required to create a landscape that allows organizations to be data-driven. Our strategies around data ingestion, integration and enrichment work together to improve the quality, usability, and availability of organizational data.


By instituting robust data governance, access to referential data, and a Master Data Catalog, we ensure that all data citizens have access to accurate and relevant data. We help our customers identify their data-creation bottlenecks, formulate better data policies, and then implement those policies using our product, Kãsei. Kãsei then helps manage the data throughout the lifecycle, ensuring lasting data quality and accessibility.


We create systems that help organizations de-silo their data and build real-time and reliable integrations by leveraging industry standard communication methods. Kasei comes with built-in adapters and APIs to seamlessly connect any cloud legacy, and enterprise business systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Applications Cloud.

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