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Moongil IoT







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Moongil is a light-weight, flexible IoT application built to integrate with any ERP. Moongil's user-friendly hierarchy assignment and sensor configuration makes it ideal for small and medium businesses or pilot IoT projects for enterprise customers. Moongil leverages the latest in IoT technology to redefine business processes and achieve digital transformation goals. Moongil seamlessly connects with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software and translates real-time machine data into business insights.

From manufacturing to logistics to building management, any hierarchy of assets can be captured on Moongil by customizing the platform for specific use-cases. This allows companies to use just one IoT platform to capture value across multiple business applications. By establishing sensor rules, companies can automate the creation of work orders when machine behavior indicates an issue in asset health.


Moongil also serves as an excellent tool to run a pilot IoT project with very low risk. For a company’s key stakeholders, this can help demystify IoT and demonstrate the potential of broader IoT implementation. What makes Moongil unique is the configurability. Moongil allows maintenance employees with in-depth knowledge of the assets to set up the sensor hierarchy without IT involvement.

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