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Smart Manufacturing


Manufacturing never stands still for long. New technologies and strategies disrupt industries, expand productivity, create unheard of, new economies. Today, however, established manufacturing corporations are furthest behind in digitalization, even as they stand the most to gain.


Through our years of interdisciplinary experience in business operations and information technology, we at Hamiltonian Systems have seen the gaps that today’s manufacturers need to bridge to keep up. We are using that experience and insight to provide the best solutions and advice to move enterprises toward smart manufacturing.


Smart manufacturing involves discovering assets and inventory in real-time, understanding their context, drawing insights and rethinking business processes. We specialize in optimizing every aspect of this pipeline using our years of field-tested implementation strategy and state of the art technology products. We work with our customers to understand their manufacturing lines and their inventory and help them outline goals and expectations for their smart manufacturing needs.

There are many business use cases on a single factory floor that can reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and increase your profit margins. Some real-world examples are using machine monitoring to identify break-downs before they happen, improving worker safety by employing geo-fencing-based access and optimizing inventory by extending enterprise inventory planning models. Our solutions are customized for every individual customer because we know that no two manufacturing setups are alike.


Adopting smart manufacturing is complicated and requires a partner that can understand your business and manage your stakeholders. Hamiltonian Systems has the right experience with the right toolset to implement best-in-class smart manufacturing strategy for your organization. Click here to learn more about our supply chain optimizer product for MRO inventory that is at the core of our Smart Manufacturing approach.

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